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Scare the Hell out of the Kids

Oregroanian March 22, 2007 page A1: An article titled, Sweating the Future, stated, “Every Generation has its fears. Before the polio vaccine, parents kept their children indoors, on hot summer days, -- no swimming pools, no picnics. Then came the Cold war and its fears of sudden annihilation. …after the 911, attacks terrorism dominated the worry agenda. But today, concern over climate change appears to be replacing the ideas of atomic Armageddon …”

First, it is necessary to correct some overstatements, as a child in the forties; we were not kept indoors, on any days. Further, you didn’t swim in pools, you swam in lakes and rivers and everybody did it. During the cold war most of the people went on with their lives, only a very few built shelters, and they were looked on as strange.

If a lesson is to be learned from all of those disastrous events, it is that none of them took place. Only a very few got polio, not nuclear Armageddon took place. All failures of a nuclear plant outside of the Soviet Union were successfully contained with very few injuries. The US has had only one terrorist attack in 6 years. Why is it that some many disasters continue to surface?

Since the time of Jesus, the end of the world has been predicted to be coming soon. It hasn’t. Why is that? First of all it is easy to convince most people that doom is near. Second fear can be used to control people. Al Gore or course has no agenda. The documentary, “the inconvenient truth” is full of half-truths designed specifically to arouse the public. During WWII, this form of communication was called propaganda and was used by all participants as an effective way of controlling them. What is amazing is that this process continues to work. Those who don’t know history are destine to make the same mistakes.

The good green folks of the past, banned nuclear power, and the building of dams and in their place constructed coal fire plants, which are responsible for most of the industrial pollution.

Is global warming happening? Maybe. Will controlling industrial pollution stop it? Probably not, because it has no single cause. Will burying your garbage in the back yard, walking to the store or scaring the hell out of your kids help. Probably not. During WWII people rolled bandages, knitted sweaters, which ended up in warehouses, did it do any good? Yes, it made the people feel like they were helping, kept them out of the way and the professionals did their job.

By A Bialystock

Good ole Ron

Oregroanian March 21, 2007 page C1: In an article titled, Deal reached on Federal Timber Cash to Counties”. States, “For a century, counties received a portion of receipts from logging on federal land in their boundaries. The money pays for services such as road repair and police. But timber harvests declined in the 1960’s, so did the payments.”

What the article failed to indicate was that not only did the federal money decline so did the jobs from the timber industry destroying the income to hundreds of thousand of Oregon citizens and forcing hundreds of small independent logging firms, the so called Jippo loggers, out of business. Where does Ron stand on restoring small business and jobs for rural Oregon? He simply takes our money and throws it a problem that could be solve by sensible and sustainable logging in Oregon.

By C Blume

Wind Power and Hot Air

Oregroanian March 21, 2007 page B1: In an article titled Part of Answer is Blown in the Wind. Leads off with the statement, “Wind-powered electricity is clean to produce, the fuel comes free and resources last forever.” Where it is true that wind power is clean, it is certainly not free, neither economically, environmentally nor aesthetically. Economically wind power is one of the most expensive ways to generate power. Denying cheap power to the poor of the world is not an answer to global problems. Forcing middle class to carry the load is also counter-productive. Environmentally, wind is what drives the weather system on this planet. Removing large amounts of energy from the weather system will cause a major impact to the global climate. Wind already has a purpose in mixing the atmosphere and blowing the clouds around. Wind leaving a wind farm has considerable less energy (6,000 megawatts) to expend on its task of modifying weather. Finally, there is nothing quite as beautiful as thousands of acres filled with tall towers and whirling blades. Which would you rather live next to a reservoir or a wind farm?

Global climate change is possibly the major issue that humans have ever faced. The two most sensible ways of solving this problem have been taken off the table. We must maximize the use of hydro and nuclear power. Hydropower actually cools the atmosphere. The Columbia River hydro generating capacity could be increase substantially without build more dams, but by just adding extra generators. Plunging the earth into a global oven will not be beneficial to salmon.

By Emmett Geese

Democracy or Mob Rule?

Oregroanian March 19, 2007 page A1: Banner Headlines; “After 4 years of War, Marchers want an end: Portland streets fill to protest “fighting a losing battle.” The article was accompanied with two pictures. Showing the usual group of angry people driven by the same urge for instant gratification that 100 years ago used to storm through the streets seeking to lynch someone they though was guilty. The crowd was estimated at 10,000 plus, which means that their was probably 5 thousand present, many not from the Portland area. Some professional protestors, who proudly wore the badges of past protest marches.

More importantly, this means that at least 600,000 people did not protest. The emphasis on this type of behavior disenfranchises the other 600,000 people in the area, and turns the decision process over to a few radical people whose philosophy can be expressed in ten words or less. Shouting in the streets to solve problems requires a certain child like IQ, and most certainly does not solve complex problems.

By C Blume

Walking the Walk

Oregroanian March 15, 2007 page C1 According to this article on Cars and Climate the House Energy Committee Chairmen John Dingell, D - Mich. said when talking to automakers, “that inaction will not work.” Hey John! Have you ever talked to the consumers? It is not only big cars and SUV’s that are the problem. Consider that using a car with a standard transmission and two-wheel drive will reduce fuel consumption by greater than 30 percent. Is the average driver in the US to stupid to drive a stick shift? On the other hand, is it that our concerned citizens want their convenience with out regard for the environment? Even such a simple thing as turning off your headlights during the day would save fuel. That savings though small per individual car is considerable when multiplied by the billion cars on the road today. There is no evidence that having headlights on during the day save a single accident. Does the fact that Portland gets two snow days a year justify the driving of a 4-wheel drive vehicle all year.

Time for all those who believe in global warming to walk the walk.

Emmett Geese

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