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Understanding to Late

Oregroanian May 24, 2007 page A1: An article titled –Arsonist gets 13 year sentence in terror acts—. The most interesting part of this article is the last few paragraphs on page A4. “While many eco saboteurs stick to their extremist views…Meyerhoff was not one of them.” In his statement before the court is said, “I was ignorant of history and economy and acted from a faulty and narrow Vision…”

He was once a young man full of enthusiasm and desire to make the world a better place. He is now a middle age man older and wiser facing a 13-year sentence for his mistakes. The sad part is that this is all too common of a fate for young people, full of enthusiasm and little knowledge. They are easily fooled and tricked into these situations by clever people who manipulate truth to get their dirty work done and they get away clean.

Some of these manipulators are employed by our colleges as professors who fill children’s heads with half-truths, rather than how to find truth. These professors are not doers, they are however the instigators, safely hidden inside their ivory towers. Are they to blame for what others do with the thoughts they gave them? Legally no, morally yes. Is the general-public partly to blame? Yes, because the public ignores the hiring practices of our universities and colleges. They hire primarily on academic competence, while ignoring issues like morals, ethics and good judgment.

Meyerhoff is not dead yet. I hope he does not become victim, but instead work to stop other children from making the same mistakes. He has 13 years to make a plan.

By C. Blume

Be Careful what you Wish For

Oregroanian May 24, 2007 page A1: An article titled –House delivers energy bill Kulongoski wanted—. The article states, “Kulongoski, a second term Democrat, had made the Senate Bill 838 the centerpiece of his energy agenda, touting it as a way to green up Oregon’s image and make the state a leader in clean-energy technologies, such as wind and solar power.” It is undoubtedly going to be Kulongoski centerpiece, and it will definitely place Oregon as a state to watch. But, it may be for reasons didn’t occur to Mr. Kulongoski.

In his headlong rush for fame, he ignored recent scientific evidence published in the journal Nature, stating that, “40,000 birds are killed each year in the US alone,” by whirling wind turbines. Some of these birds are on the endangered lists. The article went on and pointed out that, “the number of birds killed is likely to rise steeply because the number of wind farms, with more and larger turbines are increasing at a rapid rate.” Doubling the amount of wind power will more than double the birds killed. Is killing birds considered green? Isn’t it ironic that this state, closed down logging to save a few spotted owls and is now going to erect thousands of new wind turbines that will kill thousands of birds. Where is the logic and consistency in that?

The article also states, “that some worry about higher power bills.” Is the Oregon political world unaware that one of the major draws that brings industry to this area is inexpensive power. The cost of power affects the cost of products and manufactures bottom line, and Ted is wisely putting that on industry. Jonathan Williams is quoted in this article as stating “To think you can hamstring existing manufacturing and woo new manufacturing is a bit of a fool’s errand.” Understated Jonathan!

I am afraid that the positive results of this bill will be to show the rest of the world that wind power has some major environmental impacts and is considerable more dangerous to the environment than hydro power. It will also show the world that the word green in “green power” is really money. The Oregon depression caused by the lack of jobs and the increase in cost of living due to this legislation may not be the legacy that Ted is envisioning. But wait five years and reread this blog.

By E. Geese

The Dinosaurs and You

Today North Pacific Research posted an important revision to another essay on the archives page. This one is entitled “Problems on the K T boundary.” Why should you read this article? Because it concerns a new theory as to why the super successful species like the dinosaur went extinct. It begins with a look at the flaws in the media’s currently favored supposition, meteor impact, and presents another, theory as to the demise of the dinosaurs. But more importantly the basis for the dinosaurs extinction may be a common cause of extinction and has certain similarities to the current situation on the planet.

By D J Dodds

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