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The non United States of America

Oregroanian April 17 2007 page A5: A small article hidden away on page 5 titled –U.S. troops dying at highest rate – reports, “Over the past six months, U.S. troops have died in Iraq at the highest rate since the war began, an indication that the conflict is becoming increasingly dangerous for U.S Forces even after more than four years of fighting.” According to this article, 3308 soldiers have died over 4 years of combat. That is longer than WWII, which killed 300,000 US Service men. Since the beginning of the Iraq war, 62,000 people were murdered and in 2005, alone 43,200 were killed in traffic accidents in the US. What is important to the media is apparently not people dying, but how they die.

As usual, the oregroanian has missed the point. The increase in fatalities in Iraq indicates that the enemy leadership recognizes that their best hope of winning this war is to kill the will of the US to fight. The oregroanian, the rest of the press, the politicians and the public who back pulling out of the war are sending a loud and clear message to the Iraqi dissents, “Kill American soldiers.” Our friends in the U.S. will use that to stop the war and pull out the troops. It happened in Viet Nam now it is happening in Iraq. The U.S. democracy has no stomach to fight.

The majority of the population has lived in pampered isolation so long it has no idea how the real world behaves. This country is paralyzed by internal dissention. This is how a democracy functions? Why should any country want to become democratic? I am sorry, but this is not the way to a better world.

I am glad I lived when America was great. The people were strong, and the United States consisted of a united people. Today, we elect leaders and then don’t follow them. That is what will kill democracy.

If your son or daughter has died in Iraq, send a thank you note to the media.

By Carol Blume

The Attack of the Sea Lion

According to the fox news channel, a 13-year-old surfer was recovering on Sunday after a sea lion attacked her off Australia’s West Coast. "It jumped out of the water at her and hit her head on," recalled Chris Thomas, a family friend. "This thing just exploded in a full-on, frontal attack,” said Thomas, who was driving the boat. Apparently Ella Murphy, who was being towed on her surfboard behind a boat when the sea lion lunged at her, lost three teeth and sustained a broken jaw in the attack.

A marine scientist said the attack was odd and that the sea lion may have been trying to play with Murphy. Sure exploding in a full on frontal attack is just playing. Hello are we living in the same world?

Do we have a problem here? If we do it is because of the stupidity of marine scientists for one. It is obvious that the sea lion was not trying to play with Ella. The scientists who go around teaching children that wild animals are just cute little lovable playful creatures are the problem.

People who think that stingrays and grizzly bears are harmless generally find the sting of truth can be fatal. Mother nature and the environment is not benevolent, they are cold and merciless.

The problem could also be that there are too many sea lions. Sea lions are not people they do not care about people only about where their next meal is coming from. In the Northwest, that meal is the endangered salmon. The environmental movement has increased the population of numerous species. Presently we have packs of coyotes within the city limits of Portland. It will not be long before a small child is killed by these cute, dog-looking animals. Another victory of the environmental movement.

By A Bialystock

Bottle Brains

Oregroanian April 16, 2007 page A1: In an article titled –Nickel and dime the bottle bill – “The backers want it expanded, but if cost rise too much, grocers might flex their muscle and try to kill it” Hooray for the grocers. Boo on those backers who think that throwing money at a problem will solve it. Could the problem be one of duplication of effort? The state already funds an organization to pick up bottles, it is called garbage collection, or in environmental double speak, waste management.

Suppose we just let the grocers continue to collect the 1.48 billion dollars paid for deposits, give that money to the garbage collectors to collect and separate the bottles from the garbage, a job they know how to do and reduce the monthly cost of waste collection. That way the grocers and the consumer are out of the recycling business. The consumer simply deposits the containers in his “waste management can” certainly more convenient that returning the bottles for a lousy nickel.

Those consumers that toss bottle out the car window or leave them around picnic sites are obviously intellectually challenged and hopefully, a small segment of the population. If a nickel will not get them to return the bottle, a dime isn’t going to do it either. However, perhaps a bounty on the purveyors of that practice might reduce their numbers and at the same time improve the intelligence of the species.

By C Blume

Opening a door to Tax Relief

Oregroanian April 14, 2007 page D1: In an article titled –No wars on their dime– “The rev. John Schwiebert and his wife, Pat have refused to pay federal taxes as long as their dollars would support the U.S. military. They also participate in anti war actions such as this one at the Armed force Recruiting Center in Northeast Portland, where John was arrested for blocking the door.” The accompanying picture shows a surly looking fellow being applauded by about 8 people. From another photograph the Schwiebert’s weekly peace vigil is not gather many participants. If there is any meaning to body language the man is stubborn, bitter, and extremely righteous. The fact that his non-support may kill a few American boys here and there, is unimportant as long as he gets his way. It must be nice to be so virtuous. However, it doesn’t look like he or his wife are happy nor that his protests are a big hit.

However, the idea that you don’t have to pay your taxes if you disagree with the government may catch on. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop funding anything you don’t like. We all could cut our tax bill in half. That would grind this country to a halt. Say what about corporations that don’t believe in the Environmental laws, should they be able to withhold their taxes? Sauce for the Schweiberts, is sauce for the rest of us.

By E Geese

Repealing the Laws of Nature

Oregroanian April 11, 2007 page B1: In an article titled –Even with help, life Tough for endangered Bunnies– states, “Why did most of a group of 20 pygmy rabbits, bred in captivity, avoid their custom-dug burrows in Washington’s sagebrush steppes and hop their way instead into the jaws of predators? Scientist who are trying to recover the endangered animals are scratching their heads in puzzling it out.”

The term scientist must be used loosely here. Have these scientists ever heard of the evolutionary concept that has been functioning for 4 billion years, “survival of the fittest?” Calling them cute little bunnies is a deliberate attempt to use propaganda to get sympathy for their stupid project. Unfortunately, it works for any warm, little, fuzzy animal.

Regrettably, nature doesn’t care about how cute or cuddly an animal is. Nature is only concerned with its ability to survive. If it can no longer cut the mustard, it must give up its place at the table of life to some other creature that is bettered suited to the changing environment. There are millions of niches in nature, when one is abandon because of extinction, it is quickly filled by what is called creation. A new species better suited to the ever-changing environment replaces the failed species. This has been working for billions of years. Artificially filling that niche with a failed species is not how nature works. Change is basic to nature. Stopping change regardless of the cause of change will alter the evolutionary process. Are these great scientists bright enough to know the long-term consequences of their actions?

Artificially stopping extinction is as bad as artificially causing extinction.

By C Blume

Renewable Energy Act

Oregroanian April 11, 2007 page E1: An article titled –Power bill glides through senate, states, “The Senate easily passed a bill Tuesday that would require utilities to move aggressively into renewable energy, adding momentum to Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s effort to make the state a leader in clean energy development.

The bill forces infeasible renewable energy down the throats of the power companies and the citizens of Oregon to conform to the half baked idea that wind, solar, geothermal, and wave power must provide 25 % of the electric utilities sales by 2025. For some reason it our brilliant governor cannot comprehend that since logging was stopped in this state money does not grow on trees anymore.

Ted needs a lesson in Economics. The base for all economics is the environment. If the citizens of Oregon are forced to pay extra money for power they will have to destroy more of the environment to get it.

Increasing the cost of power may not make a difference to Fat Cat Ted, cause he’s got his bundle. The middle class and the poor will take the brunt of Teddy’s vanity and stupidity. Jobs will go away. Oregon attracts business because of cheap power. Paying more for power will push those on the edge of the poverty line into poverty. But, Ted will have his monument.

The sad truth is that by 2025 there will be 2 to 3 billion more people on the planet and Ted’s heroic effort will have increased the cost of power, increased the number of poor but not reduced this state energy consumption. The answer to global warming is not in energy production or industry it is people. Green power is like playing music as the Titanic goes down. It comforts the people but will not save the ship of state as it glides beneath the sea of stupidity.

If Ted wants clean, cheap energy, build dams. The people of Tillamook County could sure use one. The idea that all dams are bad for the environment is a seventies idea, get into the 21st century. If Ted wants to save salmon, kill their predators. There are no easy answers to difficult questions.

By N Babalush

Salmon or Global Warming not your Choice

Oregroanian April 10, 2007 page A1: In an article titled –Court finds feds no help to fish. “The judge demanded that they come up with a better way to remedy the damage that hydroelectric dams do to fish. Dam turbines for instance, chew up young salmon migrating toward the ocean. The judge has warned federal agencies that … he will not put up with any more botched attempts to reduce the impact of dams on Salmon.”

This ruling assumes that dams only cause harm and do not provide benefits to salmon. Such as helping return salmon, get to the breeding grounds. In rivers without dams, many salmon are killed and exhausted by rapids, shallows and waterfalls in these rivers. Dams remove those impediments and substitute a more fish friendly gradual ascent by fish ladder. The result of this river improvement is that more salmon reach the spawning grounds, each carrying 5000 eggs. So one salmon save going upstream is equivalent to 5000 salmon killed going down stream.

The article also stated that, “environmental, fishing and other groups who have pressed the case in court were thrilled by Mondays ruling, seeing it as extra leverage on behalf of the salmon.” This an excellent example of the value of special interest groups and the endangered species act. Special interest groups do not care about the rest of the world and the effects that dam removal will have on the overall environment, they only care about their special interest. Who cares if the world turns into an oven as long as the dams are removed? The endangered species act is the vehicle that gives these small radical groups power over the greater good of the people.

By A Bialystock


Oregroanian April 9, 2007 page A2: In an article titled -1 million species and counting- It was pointed out that “A worldwide effort to catalog every living species has topped 1 million. …reaching an expected total of 1.75 million species.”

Does that sound like the planet lacks biodiversity? There was no indication in the article how many were animals and how many were plants. If we assume that half are animals, then that would indicate that there are at least 800,000 species of animals on the planet. If each species consists of an average of 20,000 individuals, then there exists on the planet 16 billion individuals animals that pump CO2 into the environment.

Is it possible that the environmentalist attitude that we must not only stop all extinctions, but increase their populations until them become pests has anything to do with global warming? Do we really need all the Canadian geese that infest our parks and defecate in the grass that our children are playing in? Do we need or can we afford to have deer, coyotes, raccoons, bears and possums in our backyards? How much is too much of a good thing?

By A Bialystock

Is Life On This Planet Fragile?

One of the prime assumptions of the Environmental movement is that life on this planet is very fragile. Life, as we are aware of it, exists in a relatively narrow band of temperatures and pressures, but life as we know it, may not be a very large cross section of life itself. For example, recent studies have shown life in abundance surrounding and dependent on hot water vents on the bottom of the ocean and receives no energy from the sun. Life has also been found deep in the recess of abandon mines where the sun never shines, living in water that has a pH below that of battery acid. The temperature in the mine is greater than 130° F. Is that fragile?

Life has been has been around on this earth for over 400 billion years. Now 400 billion years is a staggering number, beyond the comprehension of most people. But, most people would agree that it is a very long time. Can anything that has been around for that long a time be fragile?

During that 400 billion years life has withstood drastic (i.e., considerable greater than any recorded in historic times) changes in climate, changes in composition of the atmosphere, meteor impacts, plagues, floods and drought. Consider the destructive force released by the Mount St Helen’s eruption. Yet, life was back within a year and 20 years later life is flourishing. Consider that 50 million years ago all of eastern Oregon and Washington was a sea of molten lava. Yet, life flourishes there as well.

The truth is that life is robust. Humans certainly have large egos, but they do not have the capability of destroying life on this planet. They can alter life, but that is not a big deal all species alter life. They certainly have the power to destroy themselves. Over the last 4 billion years, many ultra successful species have caused their own demise.

No, life will survive and flourish in spite of human meddling. But, the environmental movement will bring humans to the brink of extinction.


The American Democracy

Oregroanian April 8, 2007 page A3: “Candidate McCain to stump for an unpopular war”

This article is the usual propaganda that you expect from the Oregroanian. Ah the freedom of the press to be Bias. That coupled with the power of economics that prevents the publication of another paper that might show a different bias. This is not the freedom of the press envisioned by the founding fathers.

The article however did list some interesting statistics that unintentional shows how this country elects its presidents. Campaign donations: Clinton $26 million, Obama $25 million, Edwards $14 million, Romney $20 million, Giuliani $ 15 million, McCain $12.5 million. Money elects. Money comes with strings.

The last time the land of the brave and the home of the free had a president that was not rich, was Harry Truman. You may get to cast your vote, but money picks who you will cast if for. There is something very undemocratic about that process.

By C Blume

Media Blitz

Oregroanian April 8, 2007 page A7: For the third day in a row gain the more predictions on the effects of global temperature change. One billion people live in areas that will receive less water from glacier melt. Three quarters of a billion people will move into these water stresses areas. How about building dams to catch the water? Wouldn’t think of it, even if a nearly two billion people are dying of thirst. Global warming could increase the number of hungry in the world. Especially if we take the corn that normally helps feed these people and turn it in to bio fuel to power our SUVs. Major increase in death rates due to a global warming is also predicted. Once again, all of these dire predictions are based on Models of what the climate will be like in 2080.

Stop and think a minute, turn your attention to weather forecast generally found on the back a section. These temperature and precipitation forecasts are based on models. Saturday those models showed sunshine. It Rained. Today they show rain. The sun is shining. How is it that science can have models that can accurately predict what will happen 70 years from now and do not have models that can predict accurately what will happen tomorrow?

The article mentions 120 million people at risk from hungry, yet nothing is mentioned that in 2080 if populations is not controlled that there will be another 25 billion people on to feed. Does that mean that this model predicts that we can increase food production by 500 percent?

Why is this almost religious fervor sweeping through much of the scientific community? Scientist are people. People have feelings. People have beliefs. Scientists are supposed to not let their feelings and beliefs affect their conclusions. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For example, many good scientists believe that God created the universe as describe in the bible. There are just as many other scientists who let their environmental religious beliefs effect their conclusions as well. For hundreds of years we let religious feels control the world. It was called the Dark Ages.

By D J Dodds

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Big Talk, But who will act? Not me, said Foxy Loxie

Oregroanian April 7, 2007 page A4: Again the whole page predicts, global temperature change will produce a rise of the sea level, shrinking glaciers, drowning polar bears, fish starving, more floods and drought, increase hurricanes, increased wild fires, starvation, plagues of ticks, avalanches, 30% of the world species will go extinct all based on Models. This report is supposed to be a watered down version after heated debate on,

“…the uncertainties that come into play when scientists try to predict the wheres and whens of climate change and how it will affect localized regions.”

The scientists are carefully crafting their predictions. They are so broad that if anything happens it will be covered by there predictions and they can say, “See we told you so.” You may recall that after Katrina, the “scientists” predicted more numerous and powerful hurricanes in the next hurricane season do to global warming. It didn’t happen. In fact, it was the quietest hurricane season in record. Whoops! They have learned from that mistake to not be specific and to be ambiguous so that all bases are covered.

All of this drum beating, to get the world so scared that it will do as they say, and severely reduce industrial pollution. All of this scientific power, is focused on a solution that is unproven. Sure Industrial pollution exists and produces CO2 but, it can be shown that industrial waste only produces about 10% of that CO2. The other 90% comes from metabolization and methane production.

As we have said in the past, this is not an industry problem but a population problem. Limiting the population of Humans and other animals on this planet is unpalatable to many scientists, particularly biologist. In the last 100 years, the human population has more than tripled and also the population of tens of thousands of species protected by various legislation. Whales have lungs the size of an automobile.

If you talk the talk—You have to walk the walk. No one on the planet has the intestinal fortitude to face those two problems so they fiddle around the edges while the world burns.

By D J Dodds

Got A Problem -- Its Caused by Global warming

Oregroanian April 6, 2007 page A11: The whole page blames, a new dust bowl in the Southwest, rise of the sea level in San Francisco, bleaching of coral reefs in Australia, sinkholes in Alaska, coral die offs. shrinking glaciers, drowning polar bears, fish are starving, salmon are being driven farther north, water scientist say more floods and drought, increase hurricanes, all based on Models. This whole thing is getting a little carried away. The only statement on the whole page that makes any sense is “It appears that the models are not capturing something that’s going on,” said Walt Meier identified as a researcher. Really!!!

In the modeling world it is known that a model can be constructed to predict anything the modeler wishes to prove. The problem is that a model that doesn’t fit reality is a more dangerous than no model at all. In this world, where there is an all most universal belief in Corporate greed, it should not come as a surprise that scientist are greedy as well. Stir up the public and the money and fame flows in.

Is the temperature going to change? Yes. It has been for 4 billion years why should it stop now.

Will it disrupt life? Probably, it has in the past.

Is industry the problem? No, population is the problem.

By Carol Blume

Forest Fires and Global Warming

Oregroanian April 4, 2007 page A1: “Fire study: Trees return on their own”

The headline totally misses the point of the article, but makes the point of the editorial staff on the newspaper. This is annoying, but what do expect for the Oregroanian. Ah for the days when this town has three newspapers.

Sure the trees will come back on there own. Just like the Tillamook burn, which took 70 years to grow forest that would support the spotted owl. In the mean time the forest grows brush to feed wildfires. Wildfires dump tons of CO2 unnecessarily into the atmosphere. The increase in wildfires over the last 30 years testifies to the failure of the current environmental policy on forest management. If we are going to stop global warming, we need to return to the practice of the seventies and manage our forest. This will prevent fires and provide renewable resources so badly needed in this 21 century and cool the planet. The CO2 produced by the forest fires in Oregon last year far exceeded the CO2 produced by Oregon industry. At the same time, those CO2 gobbling trees that were burned down are no longer taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Duh!

When is the US going to wake up to the fact that the environmental policies are the problem?

By Emmett Geese

Big Brother is Here

Oregroanian April 3, 2007 page A10: “Weighing in on Bush Policies”

This article is on the action of the supreme court ruling that the EPA must take action to assess the environmental perils of the global warming. This decision was reached because of the Endangered species Act. This action now puts a agency in charge of determining what is and what is not acceptable in your life. This agency has no head only a body. An agency is a large group of people sitting in little offices making decisions that effect your life. They are obliged to tell you what they do, and that is all. You have no control over it. Even the president of the United States cannot control it.

How did this happen? A small group of environmentalist activists brought suit against the government. Did you elect these activists to speak for you? The last elections showed that only 2% of the population were environmentalist. Where do they get their power? The ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT!

This act is the worst piece of legislation since prohibition. This Act authorized the EPA to write regulations that they deem necessary to correct any problem. Who is the EPA? You have no control over the EPA even the president has no control over the EPA. This act gives the EPA power over ever aspect of your life. This process is done NOT by people you elect. All that the act requires is public review and comment. However, none of the public comments are required to be even answered let alone alter the regulations. The regulatory process is above the law.

The rules generated by the EPA are called 4d Rules, because they are authorized by that paragraph in the Endangered species act. 4d Rules were written to save salmon, and are on the books; they are just not being enforced at this time. If you want to see what the “Thought Police” and “Big Brother” have in store for you don’t read Nineteen Eighty Four, read the 4d rules on salmon. These rules prohibit things like your children wading in streams or throwing rocks in the water.

The innocuous appearing Endangered Species Act is slowly squeezing the freedom out of your country. It thrives on inaction by the people. The law needs to be changed.

By N Babalush

Second to the Last Hope

Oregroanian April 1, 2007 page B1: “Where floods rage, resolve now flows”

Tillamook County has had devastating floods every year for hundreds of years. Last November, “…the river rose to record breaking levels, spreading so much ruin that Tillamook county has received more than 40 percent of the federal money provided so far to four counties declared disaster areas in the November Floods.” According to the article, the residents of Tillamook County are known as “the ones that flood every year.”

The counties call “…to move structures and remove old dikes have met with resistance either because people didn’t want to make changes or because of environmental concerns.” I’m sorry, but is that Oregroanian speak for, the people thought the changes were stupid and wouldn’t do anything to stop the flooding. I am sure that the environmental religious community was against any practical solution.

Please cover the ears of the children, but have you ever heard of a DAM. This simple solution has been taken off the table by environmentalist propaganda. It can be shown that predators kill more salmon than dams, and that dams save more salmon than they kill. Dams can be built fish friendly. Dams provide clean power to an energy hungry, over heated, ice melting, polar bear killing world. Oh by the way, Dams are also very successful at regulating floods. With all the federal money flowing into the country, they could have built a dam four times over.

By D J Dodds

Animal rights 100 – Human rights 0

Oregroanian March 30, 2007 page A2: “Court Halts horse slaughtering in U.S.”

The grim article describes in detail the plight of the poor horses stepping fearfully toward their slaughter. “…animal right advocates hope this will mark the end of the controversial practice, of killing American horses to ship their meat overseas.” What in blazes, does the nationality of the horse have to do with it? Is this wrapping the advocates cause in the flag?

“If I were at any of these plants and I was looking around me, I would see no escape…, said Nancy Perry” A VP in the humane society. Lady first, you are not a horse. Second, you supposedly have a slightly larger brain. Use it.

Have you ever thought that the meat that is being shipped overseas is feeding humans that cannot afford other food? You sit in a country where you can choose strawberries in December and deny food to other starving people in the world because you think horses are like you. I have nothing against horses but when the choice is between a small child dying a slow lingering death, or killing a horse to feed that child, there is no choice.

I assume you eat vegetables. Is that because vegetables do not have big brown eyes, and when you rip those poor carrots out of the ground, you cannot hear them scream? Just because you can’t hear them scream does not mean they do not feel pain. You cannot see their little arms reaching out for their mommies as they are torn from the bosom of their family. Carrots don’t die then you know, they just wait for you to cut them into little pieces and drop them into boiling water, or bite off their feet and kill them slowly ½ inch at a time.

No wonder the rest of the world hates Americans who live like royalty and appear to place the value of horses over millions of starving humans in the rest of the world. Not all of us do, just the stupid ones. Nancy Perry can place herself in the shoes of a horse, she should walk a mile in the shoes of the poor and hungry of the world.

By C Blume

Studded Tires – Short and Sweet

Oregroanian March 30, 2007 page C2: “Studded Tires must be off by Sunday”

According to this article, “ODOT’s estimate that these tires cost at least $11 million in damage yearly on all roads from city streets to freeways.” They not only cost dollars but the ruts they form in the pavement also cause more accidents than they are supposed to prevent during the one or two days a year they are needed. It is not like we have no better place for That $11 million. Think what it could do for Oregon schools.

By C Blume

Irresponsible Sport

Oregroanian March 29, 2007 page B1: Yesterday I commented on an article about a mountain rescue operation, “Good Dog – Dumb People.” Today another article, “Fatal current foreseeable, surfers say.” This story reports the death of one of three surfers who did not understand their sport well enough to participate. The winds and current were far to sever for them to venture into the water. The three were swept away from shore by the strong current. Only one manage to regain the shore on his own, and called 911. Once again, rescuers were called to the scene. They managed to save one of the two remaining surfers in the water.

The trouble is that Mother Nature can be beautiful and serene, but she can turn ugly quickly. There is tremendous power in nature, those that don’t understand that, are the ones that get into trouble and call others to put themselves into peril to save these people from their stupidity. Something must be done about irresponsible sport. For example if these people were made financially responsible for their rescue, or were fined, would that cause more people to seek training and reduce the number of these emergencies? Boat safety courses have reduced fatalities, in boating. Should safety courses be required for all dangerous sports?

By A Bialystock

Good Dog – Dumb People

Oregroanian March 28, 2007 page E1: An article titled, “Good dog? A Doggone Great Dog,” discussed how a dog saved the life lives of three stranded climbers who were too stupid to know danger when they saw it. Every year climbers on Mt hood must be rescued by other people risking their lives because these people want to do stupid things. Part of the attraction of Mountain Climbing is that it exposes you to danger. Whereas they may have a right to put their lives in danger, they do not have the right to put others lives in danger when they find themselves over extended. If you are going to play Russian roulette for kicks, you got to face the reality that some times the chamber is loaded. Sure several volunteer rescue groups help save them, and again the stupid climbers used the dog to repay them. Good ole Matty Bryant, not only is he under educated on weather, and a user of other people, but can’t even face his debts without using a dog. It was nice of velvet to repay the volunteer rescue groups but what about the many other state and federal organizations that are supported by taxpayers which were involved in the unnecessary rescue to save his behind so that he can be stupid again.

Matty Bryant and many like him want to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, but are always unprepared to face the reality of their stupidity. What this world needs is less Matty’s and more velvets.

By A Bialystock

Endangered Species Act

Oregroanian March 28, 2007 page A4: An article titled, “Species act Proposals raise some hackles,” it also raises some cheers. The endangered species act is the worst piece of legislation since prohibition. In the late 19th century, Muir, Audubon and Roosevelt began the conservation movement to correct a problem between man and the rest of nature. Thirty years ago, this movement reached a crescendo of legal action resulting in the Clean Water Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Forest Practices Act and the Endangered Species Act. These laws were intended to improve the environment, unfortunately, they are ill defined and poorly administered. The result is that we have the Migratory Bird Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act conflicting with the Endangered Species Act. We currently have many species that once were near extinction that are fast becoming vermin and feeding on other endangered species.

I am not advocating that we return to the 19th century but we try to stop the pendulum somewhere near the center. Collaborating with nature is not just stopping extinctions. When Muir proposed sanctuaries, the marine mammals number less than 100. Presently the over 700,000 marine mammals off the Pacific Coast consume large quantities of salmon and other human food sources that is sorely needed to feed a hungry world. Collaborating with nature requires hard decisions. What is currently lacking in the environmental laws is a basis for making sound decisions. Scientist says we need biodiversity, wetlands, etc., but they do not say how much is needed. “All we can get!” is not the answer. Many times during the history of this planet, biodiversity was reduced by 90%. The result of that reduction was a burst of new and improved species. The wetlands so dogmatically protected and enlarged not only increase the spread and risk of west Nile fever, they also produce large amounts of methane a green house gas 25 times more potent than CO2. Seems ironic that the environmentalist 30 years ago made some short sighted decisions that have help produce an even bigger environmental disaster, global warming. Facts were never a strong suit of the environmental religion.

By C Blume

Carbon Foot Print

Oregroanian March 25, 2007 page B1: An article titled, A 26.2 mile Portland Ad, that former state Senator is among a group pushing to get a more science route for the Portland Marathon, which draws some 8000 participants. Hold on Senator, are you not in the 21-century. Carbon dioxide is a major cause of Global warming. Are you unaware that humans release carbon dioxide into the air, and that running causes them to release more into the atmosphere? The carbon footprint of this single event is 515 metric tons of CO2. If all those runners are going to talk the talk, they should begin to walk the run. Physical fitness is killing our planet.

By C Blume

Do Safety Corridors Decrease Accidents

In this article Lt. Marlene West of the Oregon State Patrol in the McMinnville office referring to the corridor states, ”It isn’t perfect, but it’s safer.” The data does not support that statement. Two graphs presented in the article, show that the traffic on the stretch of highway designated as a safety corridor has increased about 19 percent while the accidents on the highway increased as much as 25 percent. The data presented shows that the number of accidents has increased substantially more than the traffic while the number of fatalities remained constant. There is little doubt that safety corridors bring in double the amount of fines but according to the data provided they apparently do not reduce accidents or deaths. The purpose of these corridors is therefore unclear. It may well be that the money spent on the signs and extra patrols could be spend better elsewhere.

By E Geese

Scare the Hell out of the Kids

Oregroanian March 22, 2007 page A1: An article titled, Sweating the Future, stated, “Every Generation has its fears. Before the polio vaccine, parents kept their children indoors, on hot summer days, -- no swimming pools, no picnics. Then came the Cold war and its fears of sudden annihilation. …after the 911, attacks terrorism dominated the worry agenda. But today, concern over climate change appears to be replacing the ideas of atomic Armageddon …”

First, it is necessary to correct some overstatements, as a child in the forties; we were not kept indoors, on any days. Further, you didn’t swim in pools, you swam in lakes and rivers and everybody did it. During the cold war most of the people went on with their lives, only a very few built shelters, and they were looked on as strange.

If a lesson is to be learned from all of those disastrous events, it is that none of them took place. Only a very few got polio, not nuclear Armageddon took place. All failures of a nuclear plant outside of the Soviet Union were successfully contained with very few injuries. The US has had only one terrorist attack in 6 years. Why is it that some many disasters continue to surface?

Since the time of Jesus, the end of the world has been predicted to be coming soon. It hasn’t. Why is that? First of all it is easy to convince most people that doom is near. Second fear can be used to control people. Al Gore or course has no agenda. The documentary, “the inconvenient truth” is full of half-truths designed specifically to arouse the public. During WWII, this form of communication was called propaganda and was used by all participants as an effective way of controlling them. What is amazing is that this process continues to work. Those who don’t know history are destine to make the same mistakes.

The good green folks of the past, banned nuclear power, and the building of dams and in their place constructed coal fire plants, which are responsible for most of the industrial pollution.

Is global warming happening? Maybe. Will controlling industrial pollution stop it? Probably not, because it has no single cause. Will burying your garbage in the back yard, walking to the store or scaring the hell out of your kids help. Probably not. During WWII people rolled bandages, knitted sweaters, which ended up in warehouses, did it do any good? Yes, it made the people feel like they were helping, kept them out of the way and the professionals did their job.

By A Bialystock

Good ole Ron

Oregroanian March 21, 2007 page C1: In an article titled, Deal reached on Federal Timber Cash to Counties”. States, “For a century, counties received a portion of receipts from logging on federal land in their boundaries. The money pays for services such as road repair and police. But timber harvests declined in the 1960’s, so did the payments.”

What the article failed to indicate was that not only did the federal money decline so did the jobs from the timber industry destroying the income to hundreds of thousand of Oregon citizens and forcing hundreds of small independent logging firms, the so called Jippo loggers, out of business. Where does Ron stand on restoring small business and jobs for rural Oregon? He simply takes our money and throws it a problem that could be solve by sensible and sustainable logging in Oregon.

By C Blume

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