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Oregroanian Aug 5, 2007 page E1: An Editorial titled —See the forests through the owl—. Written by Les AuCoin, acknowledges “…that the aggressive barred owl, an invasive species reported to be spreading throughout Northwest forests, is a contributing source of the spotted owl’s continued decline.” But he can’t quite admit that he and the rest of the environmentalist were wrong. He goes on to say, “But these lines of argument miss the bigger picture. Thanks to the spotted owl, (propaganda), much of its habitat the—last remaining …have been protected for current and future generations. …these ancient stands provide a legacy of special places which Oregonians hike, camp, fish, enjoy family and friends, or savor the simple pleasure of family unmatched solitude.”

Talk about missing the bigger picture. Did you forget that you pushed through legislation that severely reduces the access to those sites of unmatched solitude? Did you ever visit Yellowstone 70 years ago? Have you visited one of the nations special places recently? I am sorry Less but it is impossible to savor unmatched solitude because the savoring of it destroys it. Never occurred to you?

Les then goes on to say “There’s a word for this: greed. Irresponsible, indefensible, perfidious greed. Benefiting the few, mainly the timber industry, at the expense of almost everyone else.” There is a major flaw in this reasoning. No one cuts down trees for the fun of it. There is a basic law of economics called supply and demand. Ever hear of it Les? If there were no demand, nobody would cut down trees. Hello! Why is there a demand? People need places to live, they need houses. Hello again! Your close-minded opinions on what is right did not affect the major timber companies but it did drive to extinction the unique genre called Gypo-Loggers and small locally own mills. Good job Les, you reduced the competition for the large corporate loggers, and now you are trying to justify your stupidity.

Since you did nothing to change the demand for lumber, all your zeal to save the environment, simply pushed the logging industry into third world countries and increased the rate that the tropical and remote forests, i.e. the Amazon, of the world are being cleared, doing untold damage to the world’s ecosystem. Oregon is saved, who cares about the rest of the world. Go thinking Les.

Talk about missing the big picture 70 years ago there was about 2 billion people on the planet. Today there is 6.5 billion. In case you can’t do the math, that is 3.25 times more people on the planet today that there was 70 years ago. Each of those people need a place to live, often made from timber. Each of those people need a car to drive, clothes, food etc that is all produced by industry. Industry requires energy. Am I going to fast? Do you suppose there is a connection between the number of people on the planet and the destruction of the environment? Do you suppose that the problem could be that there is 300 % more people on the planet, that the planet can comfortable sustain?

The problem isn’t the environment it is population.

By D.J. Dodds

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