Democracy versus Mob Rule, your Choice

Posted by Administrator on August 28, 2007, 8:05 am
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Oregroanian August 28, 2007 page 1A: An article titled —Crowd pounds Baird’s Iraq stance—. This article states “Hundreds at a raucous and hostile town hall Monday night let U.S. Rep, Brain Baird know that they disapproved of his support for the troop surge in Iraq. Many suggested the Vancouver Democrat is not representing the will of his district.” At least two things wrong with this opening paragraph, first the district must be pretty small if only “hundreds” represent the will of his district. The second thing is that this type of behavior is condoned and encouraged by the oregroanian.

What has happened to democracy in this country? What happened to listening to an opinion even if it different that your own? This is bigotry in the worst form.

Instead, “The audience interrupted Baird as he tried to calmly explain his decision to support a beefed up presence of U.S. Troops in the war-torn country.” Our form of government allows all people to be heard not just those who shout people down. That meeting was a lynch mob in action, ugly and controlled by hysterical emotion. If these are the type of people he truly represents in Washington, I suggest that Oregon install a fence along our northern boarder and keep these rude, selfish and loud bigots out of our State.

By Emmett Geese
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