Oil Shock

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The Oregroanian July 1, 2008: An article titled –Market’s Oil Shocks Sap Investors Optimism – Discusses the disaster that this country’s oil policy has caused in the financial markets and our economy. It does not discuss the cause or the full extent of this calamity.

Problems of this magnitude don’t just happen, they have to be planned and executed by multiple mistakes. Forty years ago the US stopped building dams and nuclear power plants. Instead we decided to build the safe and environmentally friendly oil and coal fired plants. Neither dams nor nuclear power plants produce carbon dioxide. Because of that choice we have produce almost 4 times the annual production of carbon dioxide for the last 40 years. Smart Choice.

Second, we decided not to develop our own oil reserves in Alaska and off shore in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Because of this choice we have saved hundreds of sea gulls, and maybe 50 caribou, etc., financed three wars by our enemies, increased the cost of living for our citizens 200 percent. But what the heck the seagulls and caribou are happy while children in the good only USA are brought up in poverty.

Maybe it is time to admit that this democracy made a mistake and get on with solving the problem. Change environmental law, drill our oil fields, build nuclear plants, add more turbines to the dams and construct new dams to stop flooding and generate power. Concerns about fish can be handled by reduction in fish predators. That will buy time to tackle the root cause of the problem—world population.

By N Babalush

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