The Aristocracy Lives

Posted by Administrator on July 4, 2008, 10:36 am
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The Oregroanian June 19, 2008: Page C-1, An article titled –CEOs Win even when Firms Lose–Discusses the salaries of CEOs across the country. The top ten salaries range from 83.1 million to 34.2 million per year. I thought we fought a war to rid this country of the Aristocracy. I can understand that s foreman should make more than a laborer because they have more responsibility and high skills. The foreman often makes about 30 percent more money than the people they supervise, because they are worth more to the company. Now there are generally about 10 levels of responsibility in any organization. If each level the salaries increase by 30 percent then the president of Merrill Lynch should be making $2.5 million instead of $83.1 million

Whereas it is true that 83.1 million is stamp money to Merrill Lynch, that does not alter the fact that this person is treated differently that the rest of the organization. Segregating people by other than their value, is distinction by class. No level of skill will get you their. Its who you know and who you parents were.

By N Babalush
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