Climate Scientist Wrong Again

Posted by Administrator on July 5, 2008, 9:14 am
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Science Magazine June 13, 2008: Page 1409, An article titled –Have Desert Researchers Discovered A Hidden Loop in the Carbon Cycle?–States, “A CO2 gulping desert in a remote corner of China may not be an isolated phenomenon. Halfway around the world, researchers have found that Nevada’s Mojave Desert, square meter for square meter, absorbs about the same amount of CO2 as some temperate forests.” It turns out that all the climate models that have been used to predict temperature change due to atmospheric CO2 total neglect this sump. Further the sump is huge. “About 35% of the Earths land surface or 5.2 billion hectares, is desert and semiarid ecosystems—roughly half the amount emitted globally by burning fossil fuels— ”

Many traditional environmentalist climate scientists find this hard to believe. Probably, because it flies in the face of there preconceived notion that human industrial sins are at the root of this problem. Scientists are not supposed to have preconceived notions. Could all of this controversy and fuss be a produce of those scientists greed for research money and fame? Or is it due to their religious beliefs that nature is God and humans are evil? Your call! It wouldn't be the first time or the last that preconceived notions have lead science astray. Can we get the Noble prize back from Al?

By E. Geese
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