Loving the Dammed Snake River

Posted by Administrator on March 4, 2007, 1:22 pm
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Oregroanian March 3, 2007 page C1: An article titled BPA: removal of dams would cost up to 550 million a year. The article reports on the seemingly never-ending discussion between the BPA and the environmental and sport fishing groups who want the dams removed. Can we still be seriously talking about removing 3,000 megawatts of non carbon dioxide producing power? Who cares if the entire world turns, into a steaming caldron or the ice age returns as long as we are able to enjoy sports fishing. Never mind that there is no hard evidence that dams produce a net reduction of salmon. Sure dams kill some salmon they also save large amounts of salmon. There are rivers on the coast without dams and without salmon. But then, you can’t argue with a closed mind. The era of special interest groups and there singled minded bias was a thing of the 60’s and any good that came from these highly prejudice and close minded groups is far outweighed by the harm they produce.

We shouldn’t be removing dams. We should be building more. The environmental impact to these structures is almost nonexistent and technology is available to make these impacts even less. Consider the value of the power, which reduces human toil and the increase in food production from irrigation needed to feed a starving world.

By C K Blume phd
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