Judge Blocks Timber Sale

Posted by Administrator on March 8, 2007, 9:59 am
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Oregroanian Mar 8, 2007 page B1: ”Judge Michael Moseman, ruling on a lawsuit by the environmental group Bark, said the U.S. Forest Service had not considered the best available science when approving the Slinky timber sale in the Clackamas River drainage in 2003.”

Something is wrong with the system. Is a federal judge an expert on science? Is he in a position to determine what is the best available science? Who determines what is the best available science? Certainly best available science cannot be determined by an activist group, a judge or even a panel of eminent scientists. Science is not a democratic process. The only vote is truth. Activist group’s by the very definition and actions are radically biased organizations. The live and thrive on propaganda and half-truths. What ever happened to majority rules? The decisions effecting the direction of this country’s economics and well being is controlled by a single small group of people and the endangered species act.

Since methane causes global warming 25 times greater than CO2, did the Judge address the amount of methane produced by this forest? Probably not, because this science was just published last month. All Science that is designated as best available is at least 10 years old. In this day and age 10 year old science is quite simply out of date.

What this country needs is an activist group against activist groups. These groups should be subjected to the same tactics they use to harass and stop progress. Someone should sue them and bring them into court to prove that their science is the best possible science and their actions are in the best interest of the public and progress.

By Emmett Geese
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