Democracy or Mob Rule?

Posted by Administrator on March 19, 2007, 7:33 am
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Oregroanian March 19, 2007 page A1: Banner Headlines; “After 4 years of War, Marchers want an end: Portland streets fill to protest “fighting a losing battle.” The article was accompanied with two pictures. Showing the usual group of angry people driven by the same urge for instant gratification that 100 years ago used to storm through the streets seeking to lynch someone they though was guilty. The crowd was estimated at 10,000 plus, which means that their was probably 5 thousand present, many not from the Portland area. Some professional protestors, who proudly wore the badges of past protest marches.

More importantly, this means that at least 600,000 people did not protest. The emphasis on this type of behavior disenfranchises the other 600,000 people in the area, and turns the decision process over to a few radical people whose philosophy can be expressed in ten words or less. Shouting in the streets to solve problems requires a certain child like IQ, and most certainly does not solve complex problems.

By C Blume
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