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Oregroanian March 28, 2007 page A4: An article titled, “Species act Proposals raise some hackles,” it also raises some cheers. The endangered species act is the worst piece of legislation since prohibition. In the late 19th century, Muir, Audubon and Roosevelt began the conservation movement to correct a problem between man and the rest of nature. Thirty years ago, this movement reached a crescendo of legal action resulting in the Clean Water Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Forest Practices Act and the Endangered Species Act. These laws were intended to improve the environment, unfortunately, they are ill defined and poorly administered. The result is that we have the Migratory Bird Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act conflicting with the Endangered Species Act. We currently have many species that once were near extinction that are fast becoming vermin and feeding on other endangered species.

I am not advocating that we return to the 19th century but we try to stop the pendulum somewhere near the center. Collaborating with nature is not just stopping extinctions. When Muir proposed sanctuaries, the marine mammals number less than 100. Presently the over 700,000 marine mammals off the Pacific Coast consume large quantities of salmon and other human food sources that is sorely needed to feed a hungry world. Collaborating with nature requires hard decisions. What is currently lacking in the environmental laws is a basis for making sound decisions. Scientist says we need biodiversity, wetlands, etc., but they do not say how much is needed. “All we can get!” is not the answer. Many times during the history of this planet, biodiversity was reduced by 90%. The result of that reduction was a burst of new and improved species. The wetlands so dogmatically protected and enlarged not only increase the spread and risk of west Nile fever, they also produce large amounts of methane a green house gas 25 times more potent than CO2. Seems ironic that the environmentalist 30 years ago made some short sighted decisions that have help produce an even bigger environmental disaster, global warming. Facts were never a strong suit of the environmental religion.

By C Blume

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